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11 December 2012

The sex was more even today.

Yes I am a big child at times and I do laugh at fart jokes etc.
The title should of course read the sexes were more even today but what the heck..

30M - Sad really, I talked quite a bit to his parents, currently suffering a severe paranoid delusion for the first time and from unknown causes. Hx of depression and they are seeking treatment privately and so are unknown to the local mental health system. Today he has kicked out the first floor wind jumped out, got caught by the roof gutter on the rib section similar to where a chest tube would be inserted but looking like it was done with a chainsaw. Come off the gutter landed on a fence and then slid of landing on the ground before running into the neighbours place. To the best of our knowledge no major damage other than the chest and that didn't penetrate but was a massive wound.
33M - Work incident, slipped and drove the whole weight of his body down on one knee that caught the edge of a piece of metal plate on the medial aspect of the joint. Large three sided penetrating wound but he could bear weight and move it some what.
64M - Sweating like a leaking tap, pale, nausea and vomiting, witnessed syncope, inconclusive ECG but treated as cardiac of course.
56M - Chronic Hx of nausea
64F - A very nasty bed sore that is not responding to home care nursing visits.
3/12F - Opiate baby, foster Mum says that while she has been fully weaned off it she has apnea events and today she felt the need to provide rescue breaths and chest compress ions. One brave and emotionally strong lady that.
69F - With Catheter issues.
30M - Who chose a public park bench to sleep is off.
Really the Cops and I don't mind but Mr & Mrs Average walking past you will call us to come help you. Yes we know you don't want any help but they who pay our wages have this expectation that you do.
He decided to move to the grass next to the napping office worker.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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