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Oh, there you are!

25 March 2013

A couple of car prangs.

71M - Type 2 diabetes hypo, not a common thing this, Tx him.
84F - Who tripped and banged her knee crossing a road, nothing really bad but bystanders who rang thought she had been knocked down by a car. While dressing it we also drove her to church, her original destination.
43M - Who claimed to have fallen asleep while driving at 11 AM and hit three parked cars.
31M - Concern for welfare with Police. No Tx.
52M - Severe proximal tibia # playing soccer.
58F - Glands under her jaw swollen up today and no insect bite or current illness, transported.
2 Cars, 3 people, non wanted us.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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