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Oh, there you are!

17 March 2013

Back in the saddle.

And nothing seems to have changed,


85F - Who thinks there was something caught in her oesophagus but it's now gone but she can't control her breathing or gagging. After trying to resolve the issues on scene we transport because she's working herself into a lather.
59F - Mechanical fall to ground putting her front teeth through her lip leaving a 1" or 3cm hole.
31M - Alleged assault punched + + + times to the head and lots of very impressive swelling.
51M - Very drunk unable to walk and has a broken heart.
21M - Very drunk and unable to walk until he vomited (outside) and then left with his friends who thought we were miracle workers to cure him.
??M - Already in the Police cells and may have hit his head on the wall when he fell off the bench seat but his pottie mouth, the same one that he kisses his poor Mother with was full of foul language used with such intent the indicate that her had not, just a case of cautious cops.
20M - Very drunk also having difficulty walking but we were able to find a Taxi who would take him home.
??M - Again very drunk with wobbly leg syndrome and had fallen but was leaving the scene with his friends so we didn't stop them.
31F - Elbow injury post a single car MVC.
40F - Mental health.

So looks like the same ol' same ol'.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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