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Oh, there you are!

25 March 2013

Now for a full block of shifts.

Bloody work!
Somewhere they've found more holidays that they claim I haven't taken and must do so immediately or there about.
Some of you will scratch your head and wonder why I fuss so?
I don't do holidays well, well I haven't for most of my working life anyway.
So here I am being forced to take an extra 6 weeks before midyear on top of the 6 weeks I'll be taking normally during the year rather than slip them over to next year with Long Service when we intend to slow tour the non-tourist spots in the US. It's just pressure I don't need.

68M - Regular dialysis patient.
37M - Like the mental health team said, 'Floridly Delusional and needing immediate heavy sedation to handle'. I told them so as I walked in.
84M - Still not sure what he did but the Cops ended up at his place due to concern for welfare and asked us to come over and have a talk to him. He's old and just getting over being sick and is seeing his Dr in three days as part of the treatment, so he's handling it well without us or his busybody neighbour.
33F - Abscess on her arm from shooting up and the detox clinic requested Tx and for us to stay with her? I explained they can come too if their concerned and they lost interest.
48F - Severe delusional/Schizoid episode, we transported but the Cops sectioned.
8M - Mum panicked when he cut his shin in a park, she was much calmer when we arrived but we dressed it and then left.
50M - Threatening suicide, by text, from a bar somewhere. After we broke into his apartment to rule out him being there the Cops said they would ring us back when he was found.
78M - Claims to suffer high blood pressure between 1 PM and 5 PM for the last three days but will see her Dr on Monday.
53M - Well known local drunk who didn't want a lift home today but Tx to hospital and then he left and walked home?

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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