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Oh, there you are!

28 March 2013

The Challenge!

Is to keep the masses out of hospital.
The masses generally don't need an Emergency Dept because it isn't an emergency, but you all know that.
The shit has hit the fan, the wards are full, ergo the A&E is too, this is the time to step up your game and delve into Low Acuity options, Community Health and God forbid, Common sense.

93M - Assist off floor, called off.
86F - Oesophageal spasms was my where my money was by a long complicated Hx with GI cancer was worrying. This has potential to go pear shaped so needs Tx.
84F - Assist off floor, called off.
92F - Simple mechanical fall 4-5 hours ago, they continued the family dinner party and then rang because the bruise was up.Low acuity, common sense stay at home but call if you need to.
15F - Street kid, had cold symptoms for three days which is about how long since she last had drugs. I'm still not sure what we were called for but she went to a friends house to score. I know it sounds callus  but legally she is allowed to lead this life style and advise is all I have if she wants to listen.
63F - Anxiety attack.

Challenge successful.

For now!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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