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Oh, there you are!

11 March 2013

So What you doin'?

Now I warned you that I was going to be quiet because I was on holidays but everyone else seems to have gone silent as well.

Lauren reminded me that I hadn't converted the distance on my ride so it was a smidgen under 134 miles.

University has commenced for the year and my subject this semester is 'Contemporary Issues in Paramedic Practice' a warm and fuzzy subject with no direct link to actual practical practice but requires a lot of reading, naval gazing and essay writing. It does stimulate you to investigate the pathway we are undertaking here in Australia to gain recognition as a Profession such as Medicine and Nursing and the options regarding true National Registration and Regulation.

My physio has directed me to some remedial massage before he next see's me because of the strain on my legs from my ride but otherwise riding continues. I'm looking at a 102k or 63m ride for a children's hospital in May.

I have been to work once in the two weeks I have been off so far and that was to check the next roster as I will be attending Recertification Training mid May but I might have to slip in to station because there is a box of articles in the study room that may help with my next Uni assignment.

And that's my update, mowing the lawns when they need it (usually a week after they first needed it), travelling around a little, drinking beers on the couch with the little lady and watching TV as long as it's not 'My Kitchen Rules' or Master Chef' or The Block' or any of the dumbing alleged reality shows.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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