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Oh, there you are!

18 March 2013

And that's the end of my first shifts back.

Yes it is short.
The Roster Gods had me return for my two night shifts and then my days off, which is handy because I have a university assignment due on the 24th and this will allow me the time to work on it.

71F - Not looking down at the footpath and over she goes and smacks her head resulting in a possible brief LOC but I think she just wasn't given the right options when asked about that, I felt it was more of the pain, seeing stars and being a bit dazed, to me that's not knocked out but she was on aspirin anyway so there's a possible worry but the hospital were just full of sick and injured already so we had to wait before we could handover care to them. 5 hours.
33F - 22 weeks gestation with a day of mild constant abdo pain and Hx of one spontaneous abortion at 11 weeks.
19M - A likely lad who had been arrested and believed he had been struck with a bottle to the head. Well before the Police arrested him but he thought that would make them go away. It didn't because the story was rubbish but he tried it on anyway because Police and Ambo's all came down in the last shower and are 'stupid'.
17M - Above's mate who didn't like being arrested as well an was shooting his trap off. We discussed the nature of the idle threats he was making and the Metal Health act had he re-considered his verbal outbursts.
??? - In a park wanting and ambulance, I do have a good look for this kind of caller but I couldn't locate them.
51M - COPD who wanted a NEB, refused to come in for a respiratory assessment and went home from G/f's place.

And that's me.
So what have you been up to?

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog Taz. I'll be enrolling in a paramedic degree once my wife finishes her uni course in a few years time. Just wanted you to know that your recounting of events is inspiring me to keep going on this path.