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Oh, there you are!

29 March 2012

It all happened before midnight!

The work of course.

92F - LMO had requested her to return to hospital after tests had shown her troponin elevated.
?38M - Od on Oxy's in a men's Sauna. After naloxone he refused further treatment by fleeing the scene.
42M - Who took a very slow and controlled tumble in the street and a passer-by  was concerned. A graze on his scalp was the only injury and he didn't want transport as there was still some liquor in the bottle.
Got the last of the current study done and then some sleep because the next job was five hours away.
52M - COPD, well known just wanted an O2 driven Neb to get him going.

Now home to sleep and prepare for a school presentation tomorrow for a high school of new or soon to be learner drivers. Start the next week of study and get some miles up under the saddle.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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