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Oh, there you are!

29 November 2012

One patient only not born in December.

Funny how those things stand out or like the pt's birthday is the same as yours!

44M - Friends were jumping straight to a stroke for a very localised paralysis but I'm going a very bad nerve pinch.
86F - Sounds like she had doubled up on her anti-hypertensives and with the expected reaction, fainted. Poor outcome as it was in the bathroom and apart from the significant hole in her scalp there was later found the occcipital # and a subarachnoid and subdural bleeding.
77M - Only one lung after CA saw it removed 11yrs ago and looks like a mild chest infection but for him that's worse.
84M - Possible bowel obstruction.
3F - Head butt with a set of open draws drew a little blood but enough to have Mummy calling us. All good smiley faces draw on her hands and left in Mums care.
93M - Wife says he's drowsy and wants him seen, never looked it all the time with us or when we say them several hrs later.
88F - Knee injury post mechanical fall and high care dementia pt who has reverted to her native tongue but no obvious injury transported for imaging.
40F With a rare angio-oedema condition not associated with anaphylaxis.
56F - MS sufferer who says in full and complete sentences that she has shortness of breath. Fully bed ridden, bariatric pt nearly by her girth, it's right on shift change and we're two sectors away from home and the local crew just got stood down after sign-on but when asked they are needed for cover as the sector is short staffed. We got the job done, it strained our bodies and minds and we knocked off three hours late.

That's the way of things some days.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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