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Oh, there you are!

07 May 2013

A quiet Sunday??? NOT!

22F - IP who is trying to walk home, but in the wrong direction. We gave her a lift home to her flatmates care.
28F - CA pt with breathing problems.
55F - Alcoholic who misses her Mum with Mothers Day next week her in Australia.
74M - Extremely rapidly swollen knee without any obvious trauma or infection.
39M - Depressed.
70F - IDDM who looks like she fainted after a busy weekend for her son's wedding, fatigued.
26M - Bad asthma, not that there is good asthma!
41F - Florist who was holding a glass vase when it shattered causing a significant thumb laceration.
82M - Discharge to home.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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