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13 May 2013

Mad Mondays.

The hospitals are full and there's no beds so my plan was to only take in those that need it. As I've said before if they state they want transport to hospital I must take them, even if I think they're going to walk straight out and go do some shopping or are just using me as a taxi.

34F - Cyclist who self stacked. Grazed elbow, sore shoulder but everything was moving in the right way so take the day off and self manage at home.
42F - Giving up the smoke and put the whole 20 mg nicotine patch on and found out how awful a drug it is. She took the thing off herself and I just confirmed that she needs a smaller dose for her petite frame. Go to work.
83F - New to renal failure and refused dialysis on Friday and now if feeling the toxins and fluid retention. She wants it now.
54F - Reflux chest pain, resolved, stay at home.
19M - Playing sport, tackled and compound # Tib/Fib. Surgery tonight to be pinned.
Flagged down to help a Gent with vision problems cross the road. Happy to do it but why did it have to be me?
??M - Cyclist V Car didn't want us not hurt, just winded.
19M - Same sport as the #, concussion, dizzy and unbalanced an hour post hit. He needs to be watch.
89F - Mechanical fall and what I suspect to be a #/dislocation of the left shoulder.

Nine jobs in 12 hrs, 4 not taken in to waste the systems time and money.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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