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11 May 2013

Not many the next night but interesting.

Not that it started out that way really,

36F - Developmentally delayed, seems to have a Hx of going out to organised events and fainting and being transported. Tonight it was at the LIVE recording of a reality TV that I'm not allowed to name because that would indicate where in Australia I work and I'm not allowed to do that. I don't think we appeared in the broadcast and the stage looks much bigger on the little screen.
22F - A cast member in a real family drama series. They're all either drunk or drug effected and no there is nothing in my kits to stop your daughter (pt) for shouting at you. We were called back while driving away and again asked to stop the fighting and shouting between them. Made them sit in different rooms for 10 minute while we snuck away. Halfwits watch this shit on TV for entertainment just our family didn't have silicone boobs, bling or  say OMG.
41M - Electrician in a power room and all his mate saw was a big flash. Initially unconscious his mate started CPR and the Pt was sitting up on our arrival. No visible entry/exit points, evidence of epistaxis and very tachy, confused agitated but luckily stable. Tx for observation.
Very loud, very fake and very popular night spot has 2 females who have been punched in the nose by someone male. So Cops are there and it's all very intense because of the little bit of blood and tears but we're just waiting for them to calm down so we take them to a quiet room and let them chill and start to talk and what do you know, with all that glamour and bling they started the incident. Bleeding had stopped and they just wanted to make a quick getaway.
40F - Well known cutter who, as they do nomally, doesn't do much damage. Tonight she got her tendons in the forearm. Otherwise she's a sweet, troubled person.

So I have a Traffic Offenders course to present on my first day off and then 2 days supervising some Paramedic Students from a university who have hospital ED placement to get cannula's and experience with living patients.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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