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Oh, there you are!

20 May 2013

Split from my partner and sent away for the shift.

And that usually means some really good work.
Just not for me of late,

42M - In a whole world of hurt with renal colic, kidney stones teaching us ignorant men what child birth feels like. In the end I had given him 30mg of Morphine and still he was restless with the pain.
23M - Motorcyclist who had gone over the handlebars and then the roof of the taxi before landing near the drivers door. Complaining of lower abdo/pelvic pain and I applied a pelvic sheet and Rx as such but frankly I think he slapped his goolies on the gas tank and then the speedo!
38M - Has Google'd himself into a rare and possibly fatal disease or it's just some cold symptoms that he hasn't understood. Lets consider experimenting with some night time cold and flu medicine and if she wants to his wife can take him to their LMO tomorrow. She was great and just needed someone in a uniform to tell him that.  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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