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15 May 2013

It's not a good job when the dispatcher apologises for giving it to you!

18F - My foot is sore. Did you sit on it on the train? Yes! Could that be why it's sore? Yes! Left on her own TWO feet.
81F - At that stage where she has been approved for aged care placement but can't quite leave home. We're still not sure how we got involved but we bypassed ED for Geriatric Care.
80F - Has been attempting to manage a sprained ankle at home for three days but it's getting too hard God love her.
41M - One day of the year that he's in the office rather than on the road, BAM witnessed heart attack. Instant CPR and application of an AED with one DC shock Return Of  Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC).
Pt is conscious on our arrival GCS = 13/14, AF, tachy. Turns out he is being investigated for the arrhythmia.
We all told him to by a lottery ticket.
42M - Walked into his LMO's office tight chested, pain in left arm, diaphoretic, they gave him an aspirin and took him outside to the street to wait for us. Our 12 lead shows NSR and the GTN did nothing for the tightness or pain but we Tx as cardiac.
68M - Acquired brain injury form alcohol abuse, anxiety issues that are being heightened by issues to do with his accommodation at a low care facility who appear to be taking a rough handed course to have him removed. Tx more for social issues. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!



Lauren said...

Some people are just in the right place at the right time! Amazing how it happens like that for some and for others, the most unfortunate demise befall them.

TAZ THE AMBO said...


I hope your innards are settling down.