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20 May 2013

Why would a 2 y/o take stool softener?

Yeah! I don't know either but our 1st call was for that.
We consulted all the pharmacy guidelines and directions and decided that as the little fella was running madly around the house in a game with other children that double nappies when he does slow down and expect a heroic poo!
40F - Anxiety
48M - IP with a laceration to his face where he fell down.
42F - Chest infection being treated by LMO but she requested a brochodialator neb and declined transport.
21F - Very pissed, lost balance and sustained a head lac needing stitches.
34M - 2/52 post op for orthopedic surgery now very painful.
60F - Vertigo.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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