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Oh, there you are!

24 May 2013

I haven't posted anything this week?

No, I haven't.

Those of you who care will have noticed that I should  have been back at work for three shifts now but I have not made a single post.

Our Certificate to Practice lasts for three years, during which, in a mystical and difficult to understand sequence we are required to attend one of our education centers and complete a three day workshop for revision of skills, protocols, pharmacology and any issues that we put forward for clarification as well as assessment scenarios, supposedly every 18 months.
This one has been focused on;
Cardiac review
Mental health.

Factually I really learnt little as I do try to keep myself in touch with contemporary readings etc but rather as usual absorbed little pearls of wisdom from the older wiser heads.

Night shift tomorrow and then days off, no resting though. I have a 2000 word assessment for Uni that's struggling at about 1800 words short and a telephone interview for a possible new station I have applied for in a rural setting.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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