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Oh, there you are!

11 July 2012

And just a normal night.

Filled with the abnormal that is our work.

75F - Breathing problems, her name attracted fast track, a quick assessment in the ED and up to the respiratory ward.
22F - Anxiety episode, post natal depression. Family were on scene and it was just the numbness that they called us about, when that was explained we just had a quiet chat and left them to it.
10M - Had a vomit, been sick with a controlled fever and Mum just panicked a bit. They decided to transport when we told them Ambulance doesn't get you in quicker and that Paeds are usually quick anyway.
29M - Excellent laceration a third of the way through the fleshy base of the thumb from a wine bottle that refused to open. To top it of he fainted first with his blood and then nearly every time it was viewed by us or hospital staff.
44F - Hospital to Hospital transfer.
34M - Low speed MVC and while one of the drivers knew why hid shoulder was sore he wanted us to confirm that it wasn't going to drop off, which we did!
33M - Fell down some stairs and dislocated his ring finger.
31M - Off his meds and paranoid.

And that's this week, now time to do some training for our bike rides and figure out how to use my new Garmin 910XT GPS training watch.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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