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20 July 2012

What I did with my days off?

Travelled home and jumped into bed for about an three hours attempted sleep before climbing into the passenger seat of the wife's car as she drives us in midday traffic out of the city to a rural location three and a half hours (190km) away to deliver one of my Traffic Offender Presentations at 6PM.

Stay over for the night before driving home arriving a little after midday but have to leave in 2 hours to drive 120km south to another country town for their 1st session of the Offenders course. There were only three people attending but unfortunately we know that more will be caught by the Police and sent by either their legal counsel or the Courts to attend in the future.

We drive home because I hadn't thought to look at accommodation and it's cold as hell down there anyway.

Today I have paperwork to complete, writing up my next roster, I have to have it in my diary I'm amazed by people who can just figure out whether they're working that day or not. Tax records, a survey for Paramedics Australasia that I need to read some thing else before hand, emails that need answering, hanging up some washing for the wife, washing my car after I have a look at an electrical issue with the light bar I hang from the bikes when they are on the bike rake (my reverse light came on and stayed on) it turned out to be a lose wire, easy.
Complete blogging and then read some more Uni stuff before the Tour broadcast starts.

So I'm off!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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