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07 July 2012

Raining on the East Coast of Australia.

And the wind feels like it's slipped up from the South Pole.
I'm not getting soft, the locals here still don't really know what cold is but at 4.45AM riding to work on the push bike there are bits of me that think they're freezing off.

88F - Slow to wake up at a nursing home so she must be stroking out? Was perky enough when we arrived but they still wanted to send her to a strange bright, noisy environment for testing. We don't look after our single elderly well do we.
40M - States he's from inter state just arrived and looking for emergency accommodation at this hostel and collapses in the foyer. Don't know what was going on, nothing obvious physically anyway.
39F - Post-op from a cholecystectomy 4/7 ago and in a bit of pain and vomiting. Warranty job back to the shop for her.
29M - A charming white boy trying to be a member of the hood, can't put a cap on straight, doesn't know how to put his pants on properly, talks with a mumbling speech impediment until he gets frustrated when you keep asking him to repeat his self (opps look now I've got it!). Got stabbed in the knee during a post drug binge psychotic episode by one of his alleged 'Homie's.
Odd behaviour by someone reclined on a park bench in a Mall, thankfully got called off.
70F - Sinus Tach without obvious stimulants, 140bpm for over an hour with us and then spontaneously resolved.
55F - Behaving strange in a shop, manic and disorganised for sure and seemingly unknown to any of the mental health units. Not a danger to herself at the moment or anyone else and your legally allowed to be like this in society so she can go.
52F - A skin graft coming adrift.
55F - Attending a week long conference who presented to the on site Medico's with chest pain. Clear 12 lead, does have a Hx of arrhythmia but none currently showing and with a careful Hx from the pt and confirmation from the staff, I'm going with a pleural cause.
Tx for further investigation but I got recognised by the staff as the writer of this blog and my trainee question guide book and touched up for some copies.
Hello Guys hope the rest of the conference went well and you got some more interesting jobs, I also hope you enjoy the book and find them useful but please don't copy them if others want them they can by purchased from The Paramedic Shop 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Vee said...

Hey, I was one of the Medics there that week, I wasnt there that night you came but we've met before. One of my very awsome work buddies donated her book to me which I appreciate very much. I really loved the book so Many Thanks to you, i always enjoy reading your blogs :)