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Oh, there you are!

09 July 2012

Weather doesn't stop the sick.

But it does make you thankful for the patient inside!

63F - Slipped on wet pavement and landed buttock first on a plastic planter. No shortening or rotation but lots of pain. I considered a pelvic # maybe but it may have also just been bad pain from muscular cause.
36M - A DD pt who had an explosive bowel motion in a public place and without being cruel had become a turtle and withdrawn into his shell and just lain down. Well that's what the staff saw, with the understanding that comes with our job I ignored the poo and talked to the little boy inside who was mortally embarrassed and got him out of there on the stretcher. Our little hospital in the middle of the city is being refurbished and the staff are kind of on an uneven keel at the moment so I continued my bond and washed him down and helped into some exchange clothing for his Mum to come and pick him up. Earned some really good brownie points with the nurses doing this.
80F - Sciatic pain.
4/12M - Appears to have a mild reaction to bananas, vomiting. Mum copped most of it not me.
99F - From a nursing home to the hospice, for the last time, always a moving job.
34M - Opiate OD who wanted transport, not common.
27M - Anxiety event.
Stand-by at a suspected building fire, our inspector released us before the Water Fairies had found anything.
21M - Who claims to have been vomiting for the the last five days. I couldn't figure out what his game was but he wasn't physically sick.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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