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20 July 2012

Night 2

95F - Discharged yesterday post treatment for pneumonia and it's flared up.
Take over a day shift crews patient, chest pain.
Leave my Partner at the hospital to go assist with a cardiac arrest that wasn't so I returned.
62M - Sudden headache, nausea, neck pain and a fast drop in GCS, appearing to be a STEMI. I already have ICP backup en route I need extra hands and some clinical direction because this is just falling apart in unexpected directions and the NESB of the pt and his friends along with social differences aren't helping. Aspiration and what appears to be really thick Pulmonary Oedema all the while with normal BP a brief episode of tachycardia after a loss of pulse and normal BGL and reactive pupils. The STEMI has resolved en route but I have transmitted the ECG and talked to the ED and calmer than I am the ICP Officer tells me he's not sure whats going on either. A massive Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage that's what, nil trauma or warning. This was that 1/1000 headaches that was something, I'm not happy about my performance and am quiet and reflective for the rest of the shift and plan to delve into this job for my Uni study.
34M - Very drunk by admission and smell has fallen an unknown distance (there are stairs involved) full precautions and off we go and apart from the obvious injuries he's fine. You can't pick 'em.
??F - OD/Arrest who woke up as soon as I put my fingers to her throat. And then she proceeds to rip strips off her 'friends' 'cause all her shits gone!. We left about now.
Finished the night off with one of our renal pts who was in a good mood for a change.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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