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29 July 2012

First night

65F - a quick inter hospital transfer.
22F - Fell yesterday and has found that 'weed' alone won't work for analgesia. I gave her some directions and left her some paracetamol after examination showed no skeletal injury.
??F - Running around in traffic Topless!, she'd gone by the time we arrived.
66M - Too many drinks with some mates and then a little uneven road and over he went, lucky he had such a large nose to break his fall.
20M - Seen by Police running along a rail bridge. They were wondering about his mental status. His mental status was PISSED and being a stupid boy. Left him in cuffs with them for his family to come and collect.
32M - Says he got puched in the face? Maybe it was a little swollen. Left him with Polie to make a statement.
69M - Complications with anti rejection drugs with a transplant pt. Hospital to hospital transfer.
23M - He's been standing on his feet all day at work and his back hurts. I stop myself here!
86F - Says she had a short episode of SOB

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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