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20 July 2012

Night 1

Started off the shift searching for someone who was behaving odd in the middle of the city. Of course we didn't find any single definable oddly behaving person.
91F - Elevated BP and with symptoms, vertigo and a headache with these I have decided to transport.
40M - IP and depressed. Asked his G/f to call. After listening to the brief Hx he has a lot of problems.
40M - With a non-descript muscular shoulder pain that he wanted checked out, at home not at the hospital. Highly unlikely cardiac in nature and he stayed at home.
??M - Drug effected in a toilet, naked and had scared the shit out of the hotel staff who were about to lock up and were checking the toilets when he started screaming. Unresponsive while I forced my way into the toilet, handed out his tablet, phone, keys, dressed him and then he woke up coming the Raw Prawn abusing me and refusing to accept responsibility of his actions.
24F x 2- Drunk and had been escorted out of a venue by security using wrist grips. They openly stated to me that they wanted to sue the security for breaking their wrists all the time fishing around in their purses for smokes and lighters and making phone calls without any difficulty with either hand. They stayed behind trying to get back in after I happily told them that Yes there was a cost to transport.
??M - #ankle. UTL

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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