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19 July 2012

Day 1

Went to pick up a dialysis pt but were called off for,
61M - Swollen ankle and it was as well as hot and it had been like this for three nights and neither he nor his wife had really slept. Again had not taken any simple over the counter pain relief!
83M - Discharge post treatment.
57F - Fall onto hip from a seated position. I gave the highest dose per body weight I have ever administered and the hospital wanted to give another 10mg during transfer to their bed but stopped when I informed them of my dosage.
I have started my second semester of Uni and only one module this time, it's a clinical reflection subject and my beliefs, thoughts and pharmacology reasoning for my analgesia doses is going to be one of my papers. I joke about being a bit of a 'Candyman' when it come to pain relief but I have been in real demonstrable orthopaedic pain and feel I have a good grasp on the pts pain but I'm willing to reflect and alter.
86F - Chest infection.
96F - Chest infection transfer from a big hospital to a little one for continued treatment.
89F - Feeling faint but called off for,
57M - with a acquired brain injury who is cared for by his 80+ Mum, had fallen over and needed assessment. We took him in for a few x-rays.
64F - SOB that her LMO believes is from a decrease in her haemoglobin.
91F - Her family who have placed her in a nursing home want us to take her from her bed and take her to the hospital because she's 'quiet' and 'not herself'. If they had thought about her needas and expectations and talked to her rather than at her they to would have discovered that she's bed ridden, tired and sick of being old.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Selfish me has never thought of pain like this. I have never been in the kind of pain that requires an ambulance and pain meds. Therefore, I have never been able to connect to their level of suffering. I will keep this thought in mind when I am feeling stingy with our coveted morphine.