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Oh, there you are!

04 July 2012

Did anyone notice,


Sorry, that's shouting isn't it.
12 Australians,
Defending 2011 Tour Winner,
1st Australian Professional Cycling Team,
We've had both our commute bikes serviced (mine was due anyway)
I have not missed a moment and now I have to go back to work?

Which will be fine for the days shifts and on the nights I have the Skoda Tour Tracker app on my phone and the web site on my lap top.

And while talking about cycling there is a charity ride in Melbourne 16th of September that I'm attending and I encourage any other readers, paramedics or family members to come along on the day either to compete or support here's a Ride 4 Epilepsy.
$79.00 entry fee only and fundraising is a bonus.
You can enter as an individual or with a team (I've got a team, me and the wife but more are welcome)
You have a transponder on your bike and 6 hours to bust out as many laps as you can!

Because of the restrictions by my management I can't disclose the team name here but drop me a line at if you interested and hope to see you there.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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