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Oh, there you are!

29 July 2012

Last night of the block.

And I'm feeling a little off my game.
I think one of the patients has passed on an infection.
My nose has a tingle and the throat is getting sore during the shift.

16F - Domestic argument that has seen her now make ill thought out comments about harming herself. I think she has made similar before as a paediatric but she's pregnant now and legally an adult, Social Service are also taking the child when it's born also.
83M - Unresolved epistaxis attended his local medical centre so we'll take him to bigger hospital.
20F - IP with a scalp lac.
24F - Anxiety chest pain.
29M - That everyone on scene thought was drunk but we analysed at hospital at only 0.035, but he was on a cruise boat? was he suffering from motion sickness?
40M - A winner this one. In the Police cells waiting for an appearance in front of the local magistrate later this morning. Starts off telling us about this chest infection he had three years ago and how it's come back tonight sitting in the cell and asked twice if he wanted to come to the hospital for a Dr to have a looked us square in the face and tells us all he wants is a certificate to give his lawyer to tell the Court that he shouldn't be locked up in a cell! Still waters don't run deep in that end of the gene pool!
89F - Took her own BP and got concerned as it kept going up each time she took it. Twenty minutes of sitting on her couch chatting about herself and family while holding her hand we fixed that.

Busy days off, I'm doing a shift swap for a workmate so she'll owe me a shift and presenting three traffic offenders courses. We will be going into town to a travel expo for Canada/US to get some info for our trip during my long service in 2014.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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