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Oh, there you are!

09 July 2012

Popped my partners Cherry!

Yep you heard me!

Get your minds out of the gutter you lot!

18 months in the job and had never, never ever done a cardiac arrest.
I kid you not, 12 months in a coastal resort town and then back to school and onto us and still hadn't got one until tonight. Look someone died, I'm sorry for their family and friends but no amount of practise or realistic manikin truly prepares you for the full on intensity of a real arrest and he got it. 24hr Hotel, public bar toilet, in the basement, patient behind a locked cubicle door, aspiration, flushing urinal, too narrow a scene gear stacked on gear, stepping over either the pt or another ambo, patrons still trying to use the facilities. VF coarse that was unresponsive to a complete drill with drugs and shocks and we ended up calling it just under an 50 minutes.
35M - Taxi driver, unrestrained in a medium MVC and hit the empty toll tag bracket on the windscreen and gashed open his skull about 7cm long.
45M - The other driver, uninjured, See seat belts do save you!
30F - After a fight with her B/f she needed attention and TLC and chucked a collapse in front of innocent bystanders. They called for an ambulance and that's were her night got worse. I turned up, with experience you know when it's being bunged on and with a little painful stimuli and a few choice words in her shell-like ear she decided that to leave the area quickly was most likely to save what she could of her dignity.
61M - Chronic Right shoulder pain requesting hospital.
45M - Atypical crushing lower chest pain without any obvious cause either traumatic, previous cardiac, infection or gastronomic. Treated cardiac as a priority and when that didn't decrease the pain and the serial 12 leads were clean went down the simple pain management with morphine.
27M - IP who took affront with the whole world about the bouncer who refused him entry but who couldn't accept that and kept at the bouncer who pushed him away and he tripped and gashed his face. I'm not saying the bouncer was innocent but he was telling me and everyone else that he was without blame and accepted no responsibility for his injury.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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