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08 August 2012

Day 2

Third last shift of the current roster for me and brisk, clear morning it is too!

42M - Fell from his horse while going over a jump. The fall was broken but the metal stand holding up the rail and then he continued to the ground. Got himself up and walked from the equestrian arena and then lay down winded. His only complaint was chest wall trauma. Good analgesia and off for some x-rays (fractured 2 and bruised his liver kept in overnight for obs).
77F - Syncope episode that was resolved, a little too many clothes on.
63F - Sorry for self with a cold. Elected to stay at home.
91M - Rapid AF, only this morning his last episode was 20 yrs ago. A retired GP who didn't introduce himself a Dr and was a very nice pt.
79F - Transport to the hospice for respite and pain management.
45M - Palpitations, he has suffered these previously and had them investigated (idiopathic) but there was something else about this one that has concerned him. ECG looked good in sinus but even the way he described the renching of the heart left me happy to transport.
66M - With mental health issues.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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