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Oh, there you are!

09 August 2012

That's it for the block.

More polite drunks and a generally well behaved bunch of patients.

44M - IP at the train station with a split lip.
69M - Asthma and unresponsive to his owns meds.
22M - IP who has lost his mates, vomited up dinner and can't walk.
18F - IP, losther friends and vomited and has trouble walking.
22M - Emotional anxiety episode, calmed and left with friends.
22F - IP and in a toilet. B/f is with her and he can look after her.
22F - who had a G/f who spoke Tuff Love and told her to toughen up and go home with her rather than us.
23M - I can't read my note on him!
20F - IP and vomiting and her friends wouldn't care for her.

Well that's it I'm off to my home state to celebrate my birthday, until I'm back.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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