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Oh, there you are!

28 August 2012

No time to rest at work.

20M - Concern for welfare after a long night drinking. 'Yes it will get better trust me!' And they think they're so tough and worldly.
72M - With increasing mobility issue and today the Misses can't get him out of bed. We talk about long term treatment options and home services and leave them to it as neither wish to come to hospital for this chronic problem.
73F - Social issues that don't require an ambulance.
Unknown - the address is a phone box, there's no-one there so call it UTL.
55M - Well known IP and threatening self harm as he does when he is!
Backup at the Casino for someone fallen down the escalator, cancelled.
Cardiac Arrest that turned out to be a mistaken call and not a medical incident at all.
45M - Spinning a very long and convoluted story that came to the same spot 'I need pain relief' We took him to the hospital and let them give him the bad news. You don't need any.
66M - Septic is a good bet.
89M - End stage CA and becoming acopic at home.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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