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Oh, there you are!

23 August 2012

Last shift for this block.

And I don't mind telling you I'm a little stuffed.
It takes a lot of energy to be bouncy and upbeat all the time, but I've done it and can now have a few day rest.
29M - Inter hospital transfer, one of three we'll do tonight.
31M - Abdo pain and again like last night I believe this guy, my guess, because we didn't go back to that hospital that night was a stomach ulcer.
41F - Claiming back pain. I've not seen her before but knew the story at a glance. A person who lives in a group home but with minimal supervision and is allowed to come and go as she wishes. She rides on trains to other cities and then claims some illness to get a bed for the night in hospital before returning home the next day. All this was confirmed by the after hours contact number she supplied. We directed her to catch the next train before we gave her to the Police for being a Public Nuisance (as directed by the carer's).
81F & 86F in a two for one hospital transfer.
48M - Homeless Man who looked crook.
2F - Has a fever (known to have had contact with other children who are sick) and had a little vomit. Advice given to Mum of caring for her at home and to ring back if anything changes.
37F - Admits to excessive drug use in the last 24 hours but thinks someone has spiked her with more.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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