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23 August 2012

I don't have a protocol for this.

The bane of all of us I suspect, the hang up job.
For the non ambo's, a call is made to the emergency number and maybe a few words are said or not and then it is hung up. We get sent to see if we are needed. the address details are only those of the phone as it is mostly a payphone (if a mobile the address of the owner is the best you get) and you arrive to search for a 'possible' patient.
O/a we are directed by some youths whom we asked if they had seem anyone behaving abnormal to a location around the corner and are confronted by several persons enjoying the contents of a brown paper bag and singing really really badly. Yep that's them, someone rang to complain about their singing!
We I don't have anything in by bag for that and so we left them to it.
5M - Has a toothache and a little vomit. We assessed and talked it over with Mum and they stayed behind.
57F - Laryngitis, self care at home.
43M - Anxiety.
48M - Abdo pain and very severe, one of those few that the experienced clinician recognises as a genuine case. Rigid with some deformity to his umbilical turned out to have been a strangulated hernia.
49M - Long fall unwitnessed with a closed head injury.
42M - Witnessed to collapse in a dance club and denied any drug use, yeah right. Fessed up later that there was Ketamine and pills on board. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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