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Oh, there you are!

17 August 2012

Working five shifts this block.

Due to the roster that allowed me to travel home I have three day shifts and two nights.
That'll be interesting, keeping the energy high for five shifts.

20F - 18/40 gestation with severe pelvic pain.
63M - Assaulted, very minor facial abrasion.
Go to back up one of our motorcycle Paramedics but got diverted to,
86F - Unsteady and confused, LMO is thinking a UTI.
Run across the park at the back of that hospital to confirm a person dead for the Police.
4F - Febrile convulsion, Mum just wanted us to check her out and we left her in Mum's capable hands for some TLC.
Went to collect 2 from the same Men's Hostel and got diverted to,
51M - Who had fallen backwards and put a lacon his occipital region but more worryingly he had C5/6 disks removed last year and still has decreased mobility from that cord damage already.
Attended a local CopShop for someone who had taken only 4 Xanax but they cancelled us as we pulled up out the front so we went to,
50F - Painful feet.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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