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Oh, there you are!

01 August 2012

One more block before,

I slip away for a few extra days to celebrate my 50th, but until then I have madness and mayhem to get in amongst!

17F - Restrained front passenger and the seat belt did it's job and gave her a bruised sternum while saving her life. We were really just there to clear everyone involved.
22M - Found by some of our local plain clothes constabulary on their way for a early morning coffee sleeping on a ledge. I managed to wake him up an boy was he one drug fuc&ed up fella. He was still sleeping it off 10hrs later in hospital.
11M - Told Mum he had back pain, must be from the extra weight he puts on his fork cause he needs to loss some weight NOW! We had a chat to Mum and he went to school.
39F - Chest tightness with exercise SOB.
58M - Chest pain that was looking good for the cath lab but not good enough to go straight there with us.
44F - Feeling off but not having a seizure! Left her in the park in the sunshine.
99F - Sore leg and it was so we took her to hospital and loved every moment spent with her.
85M - Just about every artery around the heart is blocked. Do they graft or stent, sent her for more tests.
56M - Who wouldn't wake up and was only supposed to be pissed. He tolerated an oral airway and cannulation without a flinch so I gave him some naloxone and up he popped. He's blind which probably explains his lack of pupil constriction. Wouldn't cop to having taken gear!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT 50th Taz! Keep up the great work.