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Oh, there you are!

18 August 2012

Third day shift.

And the work keep coming.

Start the day off with one of our Dialysis patients.
71F - Negative Ottawa exam but she would like an x-ray of her ankle.
30M - With a Hx of migraines panicking about a headache, it wasn't a sub-arachnoid bleed after all. 
56F - Nausea and diarrhoea, just wanted the symptoms gone and to stay at home. I gave her some anti emetics and advice but she called back six hours later.
Then we had to go back to collect my stethoscope from this job.
Attend a MVC that had no patients.
Take a 67F from the GP to a hospital for cellulitis in the arm because you get seen quicker by ambulance! That's what the GP told her.
Our local Cop Shop had someone who was in custody who wanted the methadone dose he had missed by being in custody. We got diverted to,
79F - Confused, lost in fact. With no obvious ID and not an English speaker we did some detective work and took a few leaps of faith and found she had been missing for 10hrs from her nursing home and was an Alzheimer pt, we returned her home.
43M - With ascites.
40M - Wanting some panadol.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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