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Oh, there you are!

31 August 2012

I thought it was quiet!

MVC - Without any patients.
Choking - But they then managed to swallow and cancelled us.
28M - Homeless and there is no hostel beds in the city so he just caught a train up the coast.
58F - Asthmatic who's anxious and SOB, I calmed her down and her breathing got better.
26F - Emotional and just having a good ol' fashion cry, nothing more serious than that but her sister overseas thought there was.
68M - Awoken from sleep with what he thought correctly was AF. He has had an episode about 20yrs ago but this one is not resolving and indeed it was still running around 140bpm hours later.
68F - Laryngeal spasm, she has a Hx for the same but this episode lasted longer and panicked her.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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