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08 August 2012

First night of the Weekend double.

I find that I'm always a little curious when we are sent to a new address.
On many levels firstly the access.
Is it street level, is there a ramp or just stairs?
Is there a lift or just many flights of stairs?
Can we get the stretcher in?
And so it was for the first job of the night.

78M - C/o SOB and so he was but then there was the ECG abnormalities was that the cause or COPD and his GSC was 15 but he couldn't keep eye contact or even seem to stay awake and his colour was off not appearing cyanosed but jaundice. We were  very close to the hospital and he needed them so we didn't do much on scene and unloaded him straight into a Resus Bay.
His Troponin levels were off the charts.
Liver function nearly nil, renal function failing (that explains some of the troponin levels), possible NSTEMI and COPD and hasn't seen a DR for the last 10 yrs but it all came to a head tonight.
62M - With Huntington's Disease found by the Police intoxicated in the CBD. We were able to safely take him home as his dystonia was normal really.
22F - Sprained ankle, explained the injury and management but she still thought hospital was a better option.
56M - A crew had already been to this pt and put a bandaid on the injury (over treatment I think) and he called back to ask about possible infection issues with our call taker who couldn't understand him so sent us there. He stayed at home we discussed issues with him and left it at that.
18M - Illicit Drug Stuffed, transported for his safety and a family member picked him up from hospital.
76M - Chest pain.
19M - Minor facial injury after an alleged assault.
22M - Minor facial injury after a different alleged assault.
40M - Poly Pharmacy OD, fluctuating GCS, aggressive verbally but no coordination to be a physical threat.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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