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26 January 2013

A bit of this!

89M - Fell from bed and his legs are weak, Geriatric Assessment needed.
90M - Fell transferring to a chair but only wants a hand up.
39F - Thought her heart was racing but all we had to do was take her pulse and tell her it wasn't and she was off?
57F - Delusions, Paranoid and all very genuine.
71M - Collapse, may be septic, need bloods.
28M - Cyclist, was wearing a helmet I'll give him points for that but seriously Dude trust me I have had way bigger stacks than that and got back on and rode off, he wanted a hospital.
??M - Road rage incident, never could figure out if our pt was the victim or not.
49F - Hyperventilating after a hard walk on what was a hot day.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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