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Oh, there you are!

10 January 2013

Not as hot tonight.

Attended an obvious death first case, only young so we spent some time with the father who found him.
31M - asleep on the street, OD on Xanax. Decreased GCS so transported for his safety.
27F - 7/40 pregnant and nauseous,,,, must have seen the stories about Princess Kate and how she needed a hospital with morning sickness. And before I get hung drawn and quartered we did transport.
??M - IP sleeping at the train station, concerned passerby couldn't wake him but the Cops who beat us there could. SNR
18F - Learning the hard way about Tequila, need I say more?
61F - Praying on the good nature of other people, nothing wrong with this moocher.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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