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19 January 2013

Record Temperature Day.

And therefore a stupidly busy night, but no there was a general calm.
This may have been from the heatwave just being too much and the punters just staying indoors.

47F - Working on a river cruise boat who suffered a small trauma and re-injured a neck issue
30M - Witnesses state a seizure and he said a faint because he's had similar before to the point where they have installed a on demand pacemaker for bradicardic events they thought he was having. I saw a proper post ictal stage not recovering from a faint. To be investigated.
24M - Blind sided by some thug, top lip split to the gum line. Very nice young dude I very much doubt that he provoked this random attack.
?26F - Slapped in the face by her BFF, who cares really!
?36M - IP passed out in a hotel foyer, woken by the cops and after they explained it 20 times you leave in a Taxi right now or go with us (Ambos) to hospital to sober up he took the taxi option
Assist another crew with extrication of a pt.
32M - claimed a Redback Spider bite ?????
66M - Acute cardiac failure causeing a fall in the nursing home and pre-arrest developing en route. Luckily we were 3-4km from hospital so just ran there but the outcome was unsuccessful.
79M - Dialysis

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Emma said...

Hey Taz, I've been reading your blog for months and I am seriously thinking about doing paramedics when I finish school. There's one thing I wanted to ask, sounds a bit funny but are the ambulances in NSW automatic or manual? I am currently learning to drive and really want to go with automatic but I'm thinking of how that could affect me later on if I can't drive a manual and need to. Thanks :)