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19 January 2013

Busy Day

Lots of jobs but the quality could have been better.

62M - Epistaxis, well a flood sometimes and others a dribble going on for nearly 24hrs.
89F - Public assistance to lift of the floor and back to bed
83F - Fit, healthy, swims in the sea 3X's a week as well as goes to the gym but today suffered a skin tear to her calf area that split her left gastrocnemius (calf) muscles from an accident with someone else's dog lead wrapping around her leg. While this looked a nasty wound, with her good health recover should be excellent.
32M - Don't know how but he split the skin on the underside of his middle toe on one foot. He was wearing footwear, so go figure?
27F - Abdo pain, sounds like an inflamed appendix.
26F - Abdo pain, period pain, you can go home and before I get howled down my wife agrees with me.
32M - With behavioural issues not Psychiatric ones, so ED don't want him.
58M - Transport to a detox clinic for his first attempt.
75F - A theme here, stumbled and went down on one knee causing a huge skin tear from medial to lateral right over the patella, add being on anticoagulants and a diabetic and this has to be seen at hospital.
82M - who rang the Fire Brigade and us because he smelt something funny! Nothing found.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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