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Oh, there you are!

06 January 2013

So what does the 1st real shift of the New Year offer?

35F - Denies alcohol, drugs or a need for us (3rd party caller) she's a bit of a space cadet/hippie but I can't fault that so off she goes. Another car picks her up 5hrs later with a Xanax OD.
26M - Got drunk on a plane flight, played up and was arrested on touchdown and they wanted a quick psych evaluation. Now 7hrs post landing he is sober and shitting himself because the fact of him being put on a return flight later today is looming large!
79F - Bless her, she waited 4/7 before calling about this fever she had. Pneumonia.
36M - 4/7 Hx of illness overseas and a syncope at the airport on return.
23M - Depressed after getting drunk.
46M - Hypoglycaemia, excellent this we can treat and reverse.
37M - Witnessed syncope and profound confusion, must remember to follow him up because it looks like the aftermath of a bender.
40M - Opiate use, drowsy at a bus stop but you mention Narcan,,,,

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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