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Oh, there you are!

19 January 2013

It's getting hard for me to find a patient worth transporting.

Three in an entire shift,

20M - SCI Quad also with a life threatening respiratory disease with increased SOB
31M - City Ranger who got sprayed in the face by a hooligan when caught being a public nuisance, black paint.
32F - Suicidal thoughts and plans.

Then there was,
Public transport officer who was slapped in the face, he didn't want us and had told the bosses just that.
20M - Heavy drinking last night and at the beach today and now feels weak, shivering and hot and nauseous, do you think you might have just over done it?
21M - Citizen of the US who was celebrating his 21st by getting pissed in Australia (where he could have drunk for the last three yrs) and falling asleep in a park garden.
21M - In Police custody, was too happy even though he was in very serious trouble, so he must be on drugs please check him out. No this little crime wave was just trying to play with their brains as well as playing the No speak English card which may (I doubt it) have been true but he sure as shit could understand English.

Oh I guess the two Dialysis pts did need to go.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

I am truely thankful you took care of the 21m drunk guy from the U.S. rather than me doing it. They really are a pain, they can get so mouthy and always vomit like a sissy, over indulging on the booze ;-)