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10 January 2013

A very hot night.

Australia is in the grip of a heat wave this week and many States are fighting bush fires. in fact because of the combustible nature of eucalyptus forests, Australia is considered to be one of the most explosive and fire-prone countries on earth.
Here in the city it's heat related cases, heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration and syncope that crews have been dealing with as well as an increase in the elderly cardiac arrests of patients with chronic illness.
I've not got much of that tonight but I am stuck at hospital with my own patient as well as babysitting others crews patients until there are beds.
68F - Sudden onset of nausea and pre-syncope symptoms without exposure to the heat and there is no BP drop. Normally healthy deserves immediate investigation at a hospital tonight.
64F - Felt hot and weak, also cannot find her fan. So while my partner finds that I do a baseline set of obs (all fine there) and with the fan found and operating the problem is solved. 'I'll stay at home thank you'.
28M - Uni students celebrating finishing exams, fine, it's even ok that you have over indulged and now need the services of the Ambulance Service but don't go around the scene and later the ED introducing yourself as a Medical Student and everything is 'OK' with your drunk friend (whom I have transported in restraints because he's an Aggressive drunk and doesn't need an assault charge against him) to the Qualified and knowledgeable staff. All that book learning and not smart enough to shut up when I told him to before we arrived at the ED.
41F - Migraine that has not responded to her own medications.
51M - Partner says he had 2 seizures overnight, but it was still 38 degrees at 3AM and he was exhausted from not being able to sleep in the heat but the change has come in now and it's 10 degrees cooler and he is competent and shows capacity to refuse transport that I offer. I'm happy with that too.


Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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