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Oh, there you are!

08 January 2013

A coffee with two other crews.
7 Police crews drop by the scenic spot we're in also.
The radio crackles can you call the Nth channel for a job
24F - Fainted, but wait there's more now it's saying possible agonal breathing and then in arrest. Asystole on arrival with the oddest agonal huge breaths I've ever seen. CPR, 2 x Adrenaline and some Narcan because we believe it may be an intended opiate OD, 8 min in we have ROSC or her heart starts to beat and perfuse her body and while we were first to arrive the others transport and we follow to Hospital
While printing of the eMR another crew back up into the bay and shout jump in he's arresting and there we have a ?60M in VF, one 200j pops him back along with a little CPR.
The sweat is dripping from me.
56F - Who wants to go to hospital because she can't breath. Problem I have is that it took her several minutes of loud, full and complete sentences to inform me of this breathing difficulty she has?? I took her.
50F - Known epileptic had a moment, left in care of others.
45M - IP.
6M - with a suspected # humerus.

Very slow start and on nights next and the temp is due to climb over 40C in the day, UCK.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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