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02 January 2013

Twas the night before NYE

15mth M - The family are on holiday away from their normal support structures and had been doing everything I would expect to get the little chaps temp down but it wasn't playing along.
57M - Who's family (not living with him) called us to go and take him to hospital. He didn't want to go and frankly there was nothing that a hospital had to offer him he wasn't acutely sick and didn't want detox, so I left him at home.
44F - Anxiety and many different and moving pains in many different spots and not constant nor describable.
70M - Verrucas vein haemorrhage. It had resolved with direct pressure and again this is not an acute problem and he was not on anti coagulants so a clean dressing, some instructions and go see you own Dr tomorrow.
49M - A third party called us to see to this homeless or between residence person with some pain around his liver region that when asked he could even tell you what it was. He didn't want to go to hospital either.
23M - Obvious ankle injury from jumping over a fence.
23M - Lac to the eye lid.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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