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22 June 2012

Asleep on station!

Well I tried to after our morning rally to draw attention to some industrial changes we want passed by Parliament. A couple of hundred turned up, would have been nice to have more but apathy and laziness particularly when there is no focus point like a pay rise of possible immediate loss of conditions is hard to battle.
So after that I went to work and made bed up and tried to get some sleep before the night shift and while I live next to an Airport the bunk room is on the street and there is construction going on next door as well so during the shift if jobs allow I'll try and get some more shuteye.

40M - Who rang 000 wanting answers? Don't know why they sent us but he had left his apartment by the time we arrived.
47M - Who wants to get to sleep but can't! (if the rest of the night is like this I'll go crazy myself). Abused everyone and left the hospital still abusing the universe.
53M - Left lower localised rib pain. The whole presentation changed and he sat up off the couch after I told him it wasn't his heart and it was safe to take some of his own over the counter pain killers. Stayed at home.
40F - Right lower rib pain, also not her heart but she told me that when we entered. A dry barking cough for 10/7 that is under treatment from her DR but she has pulled or pinched something and the pain has got uncontrollable (yep she's another of those who try to help themselves before they ring an Ambulance). Some nebulised saline to ease the cough stimulus (yes I am aware that there is no local protocol or clinical based evidence for this treatment but millions of Mothers for centuries must have known something) and some analgesia before transport for review of condition and re-assessment and pain management.
24F - Who had a cut on her thumb. I cleaned it and dressed it and while a pleasant young lass the gene pool was at the shallow end.
21M - Left sided pubic pain and swelling, I've never seen one but I'm guessing an Inguinal Hernia.
81M - Discharged to home.

In four hours I had to be up to sit for my first on-line Uni exam, luckily we got three hours down time between the last two jobs.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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