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22 June 2012

Colder Weather

I'm told the Ski Bunnies are getting thrilled with the developing cold weather but jumping in and out of a warm truck sure sucks.
It's warm because my partners like the heater.

59M - Travelling on the train and felt faint so gave himself a few puffs of GTN, Yep that fixed it, NOT
Pale and pasty on the platform we transported. Turns out he had a STEMI 3 mth ago and was given the GTN spray without instruction and concerning was although he was recumbent now and his colour had returned his BP was still shit after an hour, he was bradycardic around 44 but the 12 lead looked ok so he definately needed a hospital.
45F - Came down as chest pain but she was having an axiety episode and the 12 lead and the fact that I could talk her down to normal confirmed this for me. I couldn't keep her calm however and that's why we transported her for professional help (psych) and possible medication to assist.
84F - Abdo pain of an unclear nature.
44M - Alone with an unwitnessed seizure.
52M - IP who just needed a waiting room to sober up in.
68F - Hospital to Hospital transfer.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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