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12 June 2012

I'm single tonight so I'm working with a level 2 and the next station away.

39M - NO PUFFER! Where have I heard that before? Yep it was him, same story, not distressed but there was a wheeze, it's raining Cats and Dogs so he didn't want to come. I better monitor this address to make sure we're not being suckered.
84M - Flown in from elsewhere for a pacemaker after falling over with complete heart block (too slow a rhythm to perfuse the body and stand upright).
52M - Chest pain, with multiple co-morbidity's I still didn't think it was cardiac but treated as such (aspirin and oxygen, no pain so I don't do GTN) and normal driving to hospital.
56F - An MS patient that I haven't seen in about five yrs, needed her legs straightened.
78F - Abdo pain, ? a bladder infection.
66M - Lung Cancer patient who was scared.
I have mentioned before that one of the greatest honours I receive is to be a sentinel for my patients. I have been the last person they have looked at, the last hand they held, their last human contact and I'm really a stranger but our uniform and job transport us past to be a guardian of their last moments because sometimes there is nothing more we can do but to hold them.
My man wasn't dying today, but he knows that is his future and soon, it scared him tonight. He's alone, few friends and no family. I sat on the chair opposite and we talked, about this and that.
About his meds and their effects on his sleep and appetite.
About euthanasia and palliative care.
About sports and end of life plans.
With the tube running back into a spare room to the oxygen supply like a thin green umbilical cord he walked me to the door when he was ready for me to go. A smile on his face and laughing as we shared jokes, we had told Comms twice that we were OK and in no danger, just talking with our patient.
I had nothing to give but my humanity and it made me feel good

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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