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22 June 2012

That wasn't so bad.

I know my limitations, I'm aware of my short comings on clinical knowledge but Jesus there's some silly shit that they include in Paramedic Degrees.
It reinforces why we get some of those grads who think they're DR material out on the road and it's up to us the slower, dumber, 'not real Paramedics because we don't have a degree' Road Dinosaur staff to protect the public from them until we can slap this silly shit out of them.
Having said all that and after a whole pot of coffee I finished the exam not feeling gutted. There were to be seven different exams randomised so I must have got the easy one, lucky me.

??M - Sexually abusive to the call taker! So why dispatch an Ambulance? We couldn't find him.
??M - Chest pain but walking and giving stupid locations as he walked? I reckon it was the same dude.
33F - Passenger in a car crash (witnesses confirmed she was the passenger) Pissed as a Cricket as was the driver reportedly and totally fine, luck but, the car side swipped a domestic trailer hitched to a 4WD and a rail from the trailer entered the cabin behind the passenger seat rather than in front and then possibly causing a penetrating injury. Left with Police.
66F - NESB (Non English Speaking Background) Gastro and we couldn't get the message across that home was the best place to stay.
25M - Facial injuries after being assaulted, by the time he was going off for a CT the Cops had caught the six offenders. One eye was  fully shut.
79M - Found by the general public at a train station seeming a little confused, the Cops are called and call us. This very pleasent gent could tell us everything up until about 2005/6 we worked out, with reasonable clarity. He had no idea what town he was in and he had lived here at some stage, I located six different addresses in three diferent states up until March this year in the document in his suitcase. He was clean well groomed and the clothes in the case were likewise clean and looked appropriate for travelling. He was aware of his confusion and accepted our transport to hospital to protect him and investigate the possible reason for the confusion, infeaction, disease, age, and for social workers to try and locate his family. My partner was going to follow him up the next night.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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